Pros & Cons of Renting a Home in the UK

Millions of Britons are renting a room or a house from private landlord- but is it positive or a negative?

The Pros


One of the biggest positives for tenants is the ability to give short notice to move out. Whether you’ve got a job somewhere else or you’re a student and needs to move out, having the flexibility to just change locations is the biggest positive of being a tenant.


Maintenance of the house/room

Whether the boiler breaks down or the roof leaks, the stress of repairing it and calling the home insurance company doesn’t fall on you. Living in a house or room with the comfort of knowing you are not held liable makes being a tenant that much easier.



A large proportion of people when asked the pros of renting suggested sharing a flat or house with others was more sociable. A number of people suggested renting a room was a great opportunity to meet new people, form new relationships and simply meeting new people in different areas was a great pro for many.


The Cons


A large number of people proposed they are renting or sharing a house/flat due to the costs of having ownership of a property. The rent in recent years in England has increased significantly from 2007 to 2017 with London increasing from just under £1250 to just over £1500 on average per month. Rent has become a real worry for many, especially those in more expensive areas.

Questionable Landlords

The growing concern regarding the number of landlords who fail to ensure that the property is maintained properly is increasing. The general view is that a few bad landlords have given the sector a bad name.

Many people have suggested giving a deposit can be problematic. Being a student, coming in at 3am on a Friday night and accidentally scratching the paint work of the wall can be very costly. A lot of tenants suggest landlords expect too much, potentially withholding deposits made for general wear and tear.


While flexibility of moving was a great pro of being a tenant, one of the big fears is also being told they will have to move by their landlords. The lack of control for tenants can be a worry for many, with constantly moving from house to house offers a lack of security.

Due to the growing concern of this, new legislation in Scotland require landlords to give longer notice periods to increase security for tenants.

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