The UK Ranks Top Five for Home Satisfaction

The UK has been placed forth on a list of the happiest place in Europe when it comes to our homes, according to an independent survey headed by the Happiness Research Institute.

Known as the GoodHome report, it is the largest of its kind and included a survey of over 13,00 individual people across all of Europe. Its goal was to discover the answer to the big question; what makes a house a home?

In trying to answer the question it found that our homes drive emotional needs, like feeling proud or the requirement to unwind from a long stressful day. They are utilised to express our individual identity, a personal mark in the world that makes us feel safe and in control. However regardless of these global similarities, some countries found that people tended to be happier with their homes.

The happiest homes across Europe showed that the Netherlands came out on top, followed shortly behind by Germany, Denmark and the United Kingdom. It is believed that the higher standards of living and lower income inequality in these countries contributed to a much happier populace. But perhaps even more surprising, is that those of the top of the list found their homes to be spacious even when they’re relatively small.

So, what can you do to make your home a happier place?

  • Re-arrange space. Feeling like you do not have enough room was one of the greatest impacts found throughout the study. Rearranging your home to provide a greater sense of space can significantly help boost your levels of satisfaction.
  • Making time for change. Investing in your home with time and energy allows them to be adapted to suit our constantly changing needs. The study found that those that take this time have a much more positive impression of their home.
  • Put your own stamp on it. Whether you rent or own your home, what matters is that we feel settled and can identify with our surroundings. Finding methods to add some personality throughout will make you happier with your home.

This really goes to show that if you are unsatisfied with your home, why should you be? Moving home will always seem like a daunting task that you may shy away from, but with the changing paces of the online market its easier and cheaper than ever. Get in touch to find out what we can do to find your next happy home.


The GoodHome Report, June 2019 was published by the Happiness Research Institute based upon 13,489 respondents across 10 countries.

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