10 Tips On Preparing For A Viewing

Living a busy life whilst also preparing your home for viewings is a tricky task to handle. However the good news is, with a few simple tips it doesn’t have to take up too much of your precious time.

Here are 10 things we recommend you do before a viewing, to making selling your home a little bit easier and quicker.

  1. Open a window. Even when its a bit chilly out, your viewers will likely appreciate a little bit of fresh air throughout the home. Creating a much more lighter and airy feel, and keep them comfortable.
  2. Clear away to toiletries. Putting away the mountains of toiletries, sponges, medication and make-up will really help make your bathrooms more presentable. Try to ensure they’re as clean as possible, and perhaps opening a window to clear away and excess moisture in the air.
  3. Clean up the messy spaces. Clutter and mess can often make a room fell much smaller than it actually is, leaving it hard for a buyer to imagine themselves living in your home. And whilst the kids rooms can often be a war zone, its important to spend some time sorting them out to at least resemble a bedroom! This will ensure distinctive characteristics, such as fireplaces, cna be fully appreciated.
  4. Switch on some lamps. Unless its a very bright day, switching on a few lamps and leaving the overheads off can make your home feel more relaxing and tranquil. An inviting space that will bring any buyer wanting to come back!
  5. Drive by appeal. Maintaining the front of your property will ensure your for sale board shines out. Regularly mowing the lawn, keeping the hedges trimmed and removing any weeds will make people want to come in rather than scare them away.
  6. Make the beds! A simple yet important tip. This keeps your bedding looking its best and brings many of the rooms together, it works even better if you’re able to dress your beds with decorative throws and cushions– adding a luxury appeal.
  7. Keep the pets out of the way. We love your pets, however potential buyers might not. If possible ask a friend of neighbour to take care of them for a short period, or perhaps a relative takes them on a walk. We don’t want to distract or scare away your buyers, never mind how cute they may be.
  8. Get the Right Temperature. If the season is right, stick on the heating and perhaps even light the fire to give your home a warm, cosy feeling and a amber glow. Ensure that your potential buyer is comfortable and relaxed.
  9. Keep the garden in order. Gardens are often a big selling point for potential buyers, so allowing it to become a mess (even in winter) can often deter away certain viewers or perhaps not show your property to its full potential. Perhaps consider utilising a seasonal based fertiliser to return a tired looking learn to a healthy green, and be sure to cut back any bushes that may make your garden look small.
  10. Put the washing away. Grab a washing bascket and go around your home, keeping the washing from hanging on clothes lines or over radiators. At the same time you can use the basket to grab any clutter hanging around, putting it away until the potential buyer has come and gone.

These are a few of our tips for preparing for a viewing. Want to know more? Simply get in touch!

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