Selling This Season – The Autumn Months

We’ve put together these helpful tips to get your home sold in the autumn months, get in touch today for more information on how we can help. 

With summer passing it will be the first time in many months we decide to turn on the heating. Ensure it works well before bringing people in to view your home, and ensure to bleed any radiators way before to ensure that its all working perfectly. To further ensure everything is ready, we recommend you turn up the dial 30 minutes before a viewing to get it nice and cosy. Plus extra points if you’ve got a roaring log burner!

Even with a chill in the air, where all you want to do is close all the windows and hide under a blanket, its still a good idea to occasionally open your windows. Especially in rooms where you might be drying out the washing, therefore clearing out all that extra moisture in the air.

Try to be around to allow viewings to happen during the daytime, as that’s always ideal. However as the days get shorter and the skies gloomier, its a good idea to take a look around at what you can do to cast away those dark shadows. Placing lamps in key places can avoid the overhead glare of ceiling lights, whilst providing a certain warmth and pleasant feeling.

The summer months of running inside and outside, leading into the muddy season of crispy leaves and autumn showers, often can leave a carpet looking tired. We recommend cleaning the carpets at least once a year to get all the stains out, and it can often be as cheap as hiring a cleaner from a DIY store for as little as £20. Try it out!

We may no longer have the bright colours of spring and summer, but the garden remains a key selling point for many potential buyers. So sweep up those leaves as regularly as you can, and perhaps even pot some seasonal flowers such as dahlias, begonias and geraniums. If you’ve any sneaky side passages, try to ensure their clean and clear also, buyers often look at every part!

Finally, have a good clean up. Summer has probably seen plenty of barbecues and parties, leaving the house a bit worse for wear in places as spiders take up residence. Not only that, but with the changing weather a growing mountain of shoes has likely appeared in your porch. Try to put away as much as possible, leaving your home something to be desired.

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