Do Virtual Tours Sell Your Home Quicker?

Do Virtual Tours Sell Your Home Quicker? Research has shown that when viewing property online, prospective buyers are able to decide within just eight minutes whether they’ll arrange a viewing. Alongside this, over 75% of people looking for a new home said it was become increasingly difficult and frustrating with the misrepresentation of property listings.

This represents the importance of having an online presence and ensuring that the property listing is accurate and presents your home to the best of its ability. Prospective buyers looking at your home are more likely to trust a 3D platform upon which they can easily navigate and move around. With their true-to-life representation Virtual Tours offer a more refined and engaging perspective over traditional images or video created by out of date agents.

And the data backs this up.

Virtual Tours have been shown to sell your property five times faster than traditional imagery. If your listing includes a unique & interactive 3D walkthrough, it has been shown to achieve four times as many enquiries and close to 50% more active leads. See our top five reasons why Virtual Tours succeed by reading below;

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1) Get More Listings

Estate agency in the UK is becoming an increasingly saturated market, with several agents boasting superb service and traditional values. However, when it comes to making your property stand out from the crowd, they rarely offer anything to make your home shine. The Virtual Tour makes a difference, differentiating your listing by offering a unique view of your home, giving you an edge over the competitive market.

2) Secondary Viewings

We’ve all had the experience of the eager viewer, wanting to return as soon as possible to your property and revisit what they saw the first time around. The Virtual Tour means they can access this it any given hour, any day of the week without interrupting your precious time. Especially when they start asking to view with family, friends and the local builder! But like any expensive purchase you want to go back time and time again, and the Virtual Tour makes it less of a disruption.

3) A Better Overall Service

As your estate agent, its our job to show your applicants what your home has to offer them. Being too pushy can dispel trust, driving applicants away as they’re deterred by constant phone calls and email requests. Our Virtual Tour places the prospective buyer in the driving seat, giving them control over their experience as they can view upon their own pace and leisure. And once they’re finally ready to take that next step, our expert customer service will be there to move forward with them.

4) Accessible & Remote

Sometimes getting to a property can be hard, especially if your buyer is relocating from a far away city, or perhaps even country. Thanks to our Virtual Tour we’ve sold homes to people without ever visiting the property, to someone living in a foreign country. This would simply not be possible through traditional media, which fails to fully encapsulate the wonderful parts of your home.

5) Innovation

Staying on top of the market is what we do best, constantly utilising new property marketing technology and researching AI solutions that come together to marker your home. This not only helps match people to their perfect home but creates a much more engaging and specific environment that enables prospective buyers to trust us to find them the perfect home.

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These are just a few reasons as to why a Virtual Tour will sell your home quicker than any approach. Get in touch today to find out about how we’ll offer you a 5 star service for a price that will beat any competitor on the market.

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