Real estate has changed in a lot of ways over the last decade. For example, in 2010, only 37% of home buyers said they found their home through the internet. In 2020, this increased to 52%. Virtual tours are another big change, driven by the rise of the internet.

Whether you’re looking to get new tenants in a flat or want to sell your terraced house, you need to go beyond the traditional methods of advertisement if you want to be noticed. Virtual tours are one of the most innovative methods around.

Virtual tours are a new, modern way to get more eyes on your property, selling it quicker and perhaps for more money. In this post, we’ll let you know what virtual tours are, and provide 4 benefits using virtual tours can bring to your selling journey.

What are virtual tours?

Just as the name implies, virtual tours let you see everything inside a house that you would see on a physical tour, but from a phone, tablet or computer. You can view a house in full 360° and can pause to explore a particular room in more detail, anywhere and at any time. Some firms (like ourselves) even offer a virtual reality experience via a headset. This gives more confidence to home buyers and can even take the place of an in-person viewing.

Benefits of virtual tours

They’re Convenient

 In the past, viewing a home inevitably meant clearing your schedule and driving miles to walk around a property. This can be a huge headache – made even bigger by COVID-19. With virtual tours, though, this isn’t a problem. Since they’re hosted on a website, potential buyers can view properties from the comfort of their own home, or on the move. This isn’t just better for those with busy jobs or families, either. A virtual tour means your listing is open to people from across the country, and those with mobility issues for whom travel might be difficult.

They’re Less Time Intensive

Anyone who’s sold a house before knows it can take time. From fielding hundreds of phone calls to making the rooms spotless before every in-person tour, selling your house can seem like a full-time job. Add in the potential for time-wasters, and you’re in for a hassle.  Virtual tours remove all of this. They’ve been shown to reduce wasted viewings by 40%, as they’re usually so comprehensive that potential buyers can find out everything they need to know from them. And if the technology has you worried, that’s no problem either – companies specializing in virtual tours will sort it all out for you.

They’re Interactive

The National Association of Realtors found that, in 2020, 58% of home buyers surveyed thought virtual tours were very useful during the buying process. And you can see why: unlike photographs, which only provide static images of a room, virtual tours allow you to move around as if you’re actually inside the property. You can see it from all angles, and even explore individual rooms further if they pique your interest.  What’s more, virtual tours allow you to do other things that just aren’t possible in-person. Our own dollhouse view lets the viewer see how all the rooms in the property fit together – another way that they can imagine themselves living there.

They’re Attention Grabbing

When you’re trying to get your house sold, you’re competing against dozens of other people in your area. It can be tough, but offering a virtual tour is one way that you can stand out.

As virtual tours are so different from your traditional listing, it’s no wonder that on average, listings with virtual tours included are clicked 40% more than those without them. Not only that, but virtual tours have also been shown to lead to quicker decisions and purchases of properties.  If you want your listing to have an instant wow factor and get results, virtual tours are definitely the way to go.

Though using a virtual tour might be daunting at first, taking the leap is full of benefits for you, your buyers, and your business prospects.

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